Grave Markers Stolen

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FOSTER TOWNSHIP -- Hundreds of brass veteran's grave markers were stolen from a cemetery in Luzerne County and one man is fighting back.

Jim Youi walked through St. Ann's cemetery near Freeland Thursday righting American flags. The flags used to be in grave markers. State police said someone, under the cover of night, stole 500 veteran grave markers. Yori said he thinks the thief stooped real low.

"It's a disgrace. There were so many American flags lying on the ground and I stuck a majority of them back in the ground that I could."

Yori's' grandfather was a state trooper who died in the line of duty nearly 80 years ago.  Yori is removing the grave markers from his grand dad's resting place, fearing the thieves will return.

"If I have to I will bring them up every Memorial Day but they won't be sitting out here for someone else to grab."

Bob Kislen of Freeland is a Korean War vet. He said the thief has no respect for those who served their country.

"It's a shame! People fought for their country and they come and steal markers. It's not right. They come home with no legs on, no arms and these guys go and steal."

State police ask if you have any information about the 500 stolen grave markers to give them a call. Jim Yori and Bob Kislen hope that scrap dealers keep an eye out too.