Teen Building Field Of Dreams

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MUNCY CREEK TOWNSHIP -- While many of his classmates spend their summers at the pool or playing video games, Hunter Heivly is busy raking dirt in his backyard. The 14 year old is building his very own "Field of Dreams" in his backyard near Muncy.

"Last year (was) just the pitcher's mound and measuring the bases out. Last week I started measuring the infield, making all the dirt and stuff," said Hunter.

Hunter started building the full-scale high school baseball field last summer. The ninth grader asked his parents if he could build the field in their backyard so he and his friends could practice their favorite sport.

"I thought he was crazy and it wasn't going to happen," said Hunter's mother Krissy Heivly. "I said, 'If you're doing it, you're starting it and finishing it. You're not going to mess the whole yard up and let it be.'"

Hunter has done most of the work himself with some help from his brother and sisters. He also paid for the field himself.

"I printed out five different papers (from the internet), put them together and came up with this," he said.

Working on the field is almost like a full-time job for Hunter. He wakes up early and works on it all day. He hopes to finish it next year.

"This is what he loves to do, is being outside working and he loves baseball. That's what he loves," his mother added.

Hunter named the field "Lucy's Field" after a family friend. Hunter said he put his heart and soul into making his field of dreams, proving dreams do come true.