Family, Friends Mourn Loss Of Shooting Victim

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DUNMORE -- A lot of people came to pay their respects Friday morning and mourn the loss of Frank Bonacci.  His funeral was held in Dunmore.

Bonacci's body was found last weekend. Two men were charged Friday in connection with his death.

People at the funeral knew about the arrests of two men for his death and say it was difficult being at the funeral and knowing the announcement of the arrests was being made at the same time.

Frank Bonacci's mother carried her son's ashes out of St. Mary of Mount Carmel Church in Dunmore as bells tolled and tears flowed.

"It's tough seeing his family and all that, just struggling. I don't wish this on anybody, on anyone. It's an awful thing," said Bruce Corby of Dunmore.

A funeral for any 24 year old would be emotional but this one happened at the same time that the Lackawanna County district attorney and Scranton police announced Frank Bonacci's friends were charged with shooting him in the head and killing him.

Friends at the funeral say it was a lot to deal with all at once.

"It's difficult, thinking about that and walking into here and looking at everyone," Corby added.

"It also made it difficult knowing that one of the persons that got arrested walked through the viewing yesterday, which is kind of not right at all," said Jeremy Wentline of Dunmore.

More than 100 people came to pay their respects wearing orange ties and ribbons. Orange was Bonacci's favorite color.

Friends say this was a day to remember Frank and they're hoping for the best outcome with news of the recent arrests.

"I really can't point fingers at anyone, but I wish everyone the best and I hope that it's really not true," said Corby.