Bucknell University Cancels House Party Weekend

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LEWISBURG -- A longtime event at Bucknell University is cancelled after school administrators voiced concerns about house party weekend. Bucknell University's president sent a letter to students and alumni Thursday cancelling House Party Weekend because administrators believe the event is dangerous to students.

Bucknell University administrators said House Party Weekend is a longtime tradition at the school, so the decision to cancel it did not come lightly, but the university's president said during last year's event, more than a dozen students were taken to the hospital with high blood alcohol levels, and some attended class intoxicated.

Even though the fall semester has not started yet at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, there is a buzz around campus.

"Since I've been here we've always had house party, it's been around for many years. I don't think it should have been gotten rid of because of the alcohol," Ian Wellington said.

Bucknell University officials say during last year's House Party Weekend, more than a dozen students went to the hospital with dangerously high blood alcohol levels.

"Over the past several years we've seen students engaging in high-risk, sometimes life-threatening behavior. There was really no way to avoid making this decision," said Director of Media Communications, Andy Hirsch.

Some Bucknell University students are upset with the decision.

"It's not really the school's right to say we're cancelling this tradition because some students handled it the wrong way," Wellington said.

Even though officials at Bucknell University cancelled House Party Weekend, some students tell Newswatch 16 they believe the parties will still happen. That they'll just happen off campus instead.

"Just because it's not technically funded by the school anymore, I don't think people are just going to stop house party traditions," Aaron Wilson said.

Not everyone is upset with the university's decision to cancel House Party Weekend.

"While it's fun and there's a lot of tradition with it, it definitely has gone downhill in the past few years. The statistics the president had in his letter, it's not something Bucknell should be proud of," Stacey Haas said.

Bucknell University officials said in that letter to students and alumni, instead of House Party Weekend, the school may hold a new outdoor event in the spring.

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