Police Chief Claims Council is Conspiring to Fire Him

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GILBERTON -- Less than 24 hours after Chief Mark Kessler was suspended without pay by the Gilberton Borough Council, he took to the internet yet again.

This time he is accusing the mayor and other council members of conspiring against him and claims borough leaders are now planning to have him fired.

Tensions in the borough of Gilberton were running high as council met Wednesday night, suspending Chief Mark Kessler.

It all stems from this now famous explosive YouTube rant, where Kessler fires off automatic weapons belonging to the borough, shouting profanity.

The chief is now suspended for 30 days without pay and took to social media again, posting a video to his Facebook page.

"They said I used borough property without their permission but the borough doesn`t have any kind of policies which cover the use of borough property, " said Chief Kessler in a YouTube video.

But that’s not all. On Chief Kessler’s website an update was posted. Kessler is now claiming the council members conspired behind closed doors to fire him.

People who live here in Gilberton who have seen Chief Kessler`s latest posts on his website and Facebook page say the comments are still stirring up a lot of emotion.

"I would say that he`s excited and he might want to calm himself down and look at things a little bit more before he puts them on the internet," said Ed Martofel of Gilberton.

Martofel says he still supports the chief but was taken aback by his latest post.

Frances Barlow of Gilberton has also read Kessler’s latest online comments about the alleged conspiracy.

"I did hear that and if it`s true, that`s sad, because they are our elected officials and they are supposed to be working for us,” said Barlow.

"I feel a lot safer with him than without him," said Quinn.

But for 81-year old Jule Dougherty of Gilberton, Kessler’s videos, his Constitutional Security Force, and the scene created less than a mile from her home has been upsetting.

"I think he`s opened a can of worms. And like I said all the people of Gilberton Borough, they don`t deserve somebody like that,” said Dougherty.

Gilberton’s mayor did not wish to comment on Kessler’s accusations against the borough.

We also contacted the insurance company that said the chief may be a liability. They had no comment on Kessler’s suspension.