Charter Revoked, Children To Enroll Elsewhere

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Nearly 400 students in the Poconos may have to start their next school year at a new school after a state appeals board decided Tuesday to revoke the charter of the Pocono Mountain Charter School in Tobyhanna.

The state's charter appeals board revoked the charter of the Pocono Mountain Charter School. Now the public school is stepping forward to help with student and parent transition.

It's a transition at least one parent is worried about.

Scrolling on the electronic board in front of the Pocono Mountain Charter School is the phrase "we are now accepting new enrollment for the 2013 2014 school year."

However the decision by the state's charter appeals board means its nearly 400 students likely won't be coming back in September.

"I wasn't really happy. They like the school. It's a good school and it's convenient. It's close to home," said Nicole Miller.

Miller has three children who attend the Pocono Mountain Charter School. Now she worries about how some of her children will transition into the public Pocono Mountain School District.

"My oldest one is happy because she wanted to go to a different school to begin with. She's been bugging me all summer to go to West. My other two, they're OK. They're thinking about their friends."

The state appeals board says the reason for the revocation is inappropriate use of funds.

A spokesperson with the Pocono Mountain School District says administration is already working on a transition plan for students and parents. That is, if charter school parents choose to send their child to the public school.

Miller isn't alone with feeling a little uneasy. Others in the community are upset over news that the school could close.

"I feel as though they've been getting picked on. Like they were trying to look for something to disrupt what they have," said Charles Lee  of Tobyhanna.

"I think it's sad for the kids who have been there for years, who got close with the teachers,  and now to go a bigger environment and transition, might be good for some, might not be good for some," said Simone Clayton Millings of Pocono Farms.

Charter school officials still hope to keep the school open and are appealing the state's decision to revoke the charter

Those officials plan to be back in state court Thursday.

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