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Arrest Made After Coroner’s Inquest

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- A woman faces homicide charges for a deadly shooting that happened two years ago near Hazleton.

This comes one day after a jury determined the death was a homicide at a coroner's inquest in Luzerne County.

A jury determined Tuesday that someone else shot and killed state corrections officer Matthew Gailie in his home near Hazleton two years ago. When jurors reached that decision they also told the coroner they believed Gailie's girlfriend is the one who did it.

As Jessica Alinsky was brought into the state police barracks near Hazleton for processing, she wouldn't say if she had anything to do with the death of her boyfriend Matthew Gailie in 2011 but she didn't keep silent either.

"Do you miss him, Jessica?"
"That's a ridiculous question," Alinsky said. "Of course I do."

According to court papers, Alinsky called 911 on September 2, 2011 and reported that her live in boyfriend shot himself in the head.

It happened at their home inside the Eagle Rock development near Hazleton.

Court papers show that when state police arrived, Alinsky told troopers four different stories about how the shooting happened.

According to court papers, Alinsky said "Did I kill him? My finger was on the trigger."

Initially the coroner ruled Gailie's manner of death undetermined. But   earlier this week, a rare coroner's inquest led to a jury changing that conclusion.

In a courtroom in Wilkes-Barre, a forensic pathologist testified there was no evidence that the gun ever touched Gailie's face and he was shot under his nose, two very unlikely circumstances if it were a suicide.

State police say they believed something wasn't right about this story two years ago.

"From our initial time at the scene, throughout the whole 22 months, we certainly felt that she was responsible. We felt that it was a homicide," said State Police Lt. Bob Bartal.

Lt. Bartal told Newswatch 16 it took until now to get all the physical evidence back from the lab and when that evidence was presented, a jury ruled the manner of death a homicide and said they suspected Jessica Alinsky did it.

"It was a relief to be able to get some satisfaction for the family and finally have some justice served," said Lt. Bartal.

Evidence presented at this week's inquest convinced jurors that Gailie's death was a homicide and that Jessica Alinsky is the one who shot him.

She's now been arrested on charges of criminal homicide and tampering with evidence.