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Gilberton Reacts To Police Chief Response To Video

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GILBERTON — The YouTube video posted by Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler shows the top cop from Schuylkill County going off in a profanity laced tirade and firing off three fully automatic weapons.

Now Chief Kessler is explaining his actions in a sit down exclusive interview with Newswatch 16.

Kessler says he did it because he feels that the first and second amendment rights are being eroded by an oppressive government.

“I think it’s really opened people`s eyes as to what`s going on in this country as far as the infringements on our rights,” said Kessler.

Here in Kessler`s home of Gilberton, the people he serves and protects have some opinions.

“I agree with what he`s trying to prove but he`s doing it in a wrong way, he shouldn`t be cursing or giving out threats, I agree with the message but how he`s putting it across is very wrong,” said Vincent Bloss.

Irene Bennet lives in Mahanoy City and works as a day nurse to a toddler at a home in Gilberton.

“From the video, yeah, he looked a little out of control, I mean it`s just inappropriate behavior for a police chief,” said Irene Bennett.

Kessler says all the media attention has led to death threats against him and his family and he`s concerned for his job.

But some here in Gilberton say Kessler is a great chief and they say he should stay.

“Mark, he`s an excellent officer, he takes care of the neighborhood fine, we never have any problems around here,” said Tamal Antonelle.  “Does his job well. what he does off duty that he`s personal life so that`s none of our business really.”

Gilberton’s mayor says she supports Kessler’s right to demonstrate his feeling of protecting the first and second amendment.

There is a borough council meeting Wednesday at 6 pm.

The entire interview with Chief Kessler is posted HERE.