Friends and Family Search For Sven

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP---People who know him say 52-year-old Jesse Green would never just disappear.

Known as Sven, the man from Mahoning Township was last seen Sunday night.

People saw him leaving Reiley`s Pub near Jim Thorpe.

"His personal documents, his passport, were still at the house. I don't think it's a case of him packing up and running off. I'm sure he would never do that," said friend and co-worker Keith Pierson.

Green works at Skirmish USA, near Jim Thorpe, where he paintballs and works as a river guide for white water rafting.

Friends said Sven would not miss work and he would not leave to go somewhere without telling his family, including 2 teenaged children,

"He's the most responsible man I've ever met. In thirty years of working, he's only missed one day of work. He's definitely not the type of person to pick up and go without letting anyone know," said Green's son, Donavan Green.

Family and friends are searching for Sven the best they can, in part by starting a Facebook page to help with the search. More than 600 people are helping with the online effort.

Police are calling the disappearance suspicious and said Green's phone has been tracked to Ohio and most recently Utah.

"He's a great guy. I want him back, I grew up with him, I grew up with his kids," said Jacob Gutzeit, a co-worker.

"He served in the military, he was in the 82nd Airborne and you know, he's a veteran, he signed his life overe to the country so I just want the community to return the favor by getting everyone to go look and find him," said Pierson.