Flags At Veterans’ Graves Vandalized

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A cemetery in Montour County has been hit with vandalism twice this month.

The Montour County’s Veterans Affairs director says flags at veterans graves were desecratedwith nearly 40 flags destroyed.

“These shafts all just all broken and the flags were all taken off and that’s what we were left with.”

Montour County Veterans Affairs Director Doug Resseguie says 26 wooden flagpoles were found with their flags missing, snapped off here at the Odd Fellows Cemetery near Danville.

Resseguie says his organization had placed those flags at the graves of veterans as a sign of respect.

“It was just this one section and the flag shafts have been broken and all the flags have been taken,” said Resseguie.

This is the second time this month flags were snapped in half.

A few weeks ago a dozen flags were damaged.

“I’m sure it’s just kids doing mischievous things but it’s a shame that they’re desecrating the eterans’ grave and they’re desecrating the flag,” said Resseguie.

Both times the flags were replaced.

Just down the road at the American Legion in Danville, those who served are disgusted.

“I served during the Vietnam period and yes, it disturbs me, it’s sad that anybody would consider even doing that,” said Ryan Versluis of Danville.

“For those of us who did what we did and all these folks in here it is totally disrespectful,” said Lonnie Spicher of Washingtonville.

On the wall at the Legion are the pictures of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, protecting the flag.

People here say these acts of vandalism are a slap in the face to them.

They should think of the freedom that they having around here and if it wasn’t for those dead soldiers they would not have that freedom,” said Lorene Versluis of Danville.

Resseguie did contact Mahoning Township police to ask for extra patrols in cemetery when possible.