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Buckets of Blueberries

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP – Wednesday was the first day of a tradition of sorts in one part of the Poconos. That tradition is blueberry picking at Paupack Blueberry Farm.

Wearing a shirt that reads "Paupack Blueberry Farm," Joseph Gassib is ready to fill buckets worth of blueberries. It's a hobby he's been doing since he was a little kid.

"They're catching up real fast," said Gassib about his grandchildren. "I got to really pick hard."

Joesph's three grandchildren aren't wasting anytime handpicking blueberry, after blueberry, after blueberry at Paupack Blueberry Farm near Hawley.

Each grandchild using a different tactic to find the perfect group of fruit.

"I usually just shake mine out, just shake the bush," said Christina Russo of New Jersey.

"I eat a couple to taste them," said Matthew Russo of New Jersey.

"It's a family tradition! No matter how big these kids get. We still keep coming out," said Terry Gassib of New Jersey.

And that's exactly what dozens of other people are doing as the blueberry season at the farm kicks off.

For nearly 50 years, people have filled the blueberry fields, spending hours filling their buckets.

The 20-acre blueberry farm is open until Labor Day, but to make sure everyone gets a chance to try their hand at picking some blueberries. The owners here have closed some of the fields, so everyone gets an opportunity to fill their bucket.

Then once you're done collecting what you can, the Paupack Blueberry Farm has a store and bakery where you can try the homemade ice cream, baked goods and other novelties.

As for the family we met picking the blueberries, those blueberries will be put to very good use.

"My daughter is a phenomenal cook, baker, she does the jams, she does everything you could possibly think with a blueberry," said Terry Gassib of New Jersey.

Paupack Blueberry Farm is open Monday - Saturday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.