Taste Test: Hidden Valley Dip Mix

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It's summer time and the cookouts are in full swing and who doesn't like all the finger foods that are there? So for this week's Taste Test Newswatch 16 went to Duryea to try new Hidden Valley Dips Mixes to see if they were a hit at the party.

Sometimes, the best times are relaxing on a hot day and having a nice backyard cookout and, of course, the great foods that come along with them.

For this week's Taste Test we headed to Duryea, in Luzerne County, to join in on the fun and try the new Hidden Valley Dips Mixes.

We brought the three new flavor packets: Harvest Dill, Classic Guacamole, and Garden Green Onion and all the chips you could eat.

We also brought sour cream and a fresh avocado to mix in with the flavored packets. We started with the Classic Guacamole. We cut the avocado and mashed the seasoning in with it.

"I think the guacamole (was my favorite)," said Jillian. "It was nice and fresh, and it was delicious. Good seasonings. I enjoyed it."

For the Garden Green Onion and Harvest Dill, all you have to do is just add sour cream. One packet takes 16 ounces of sour cream.

"The Harvest Dill (was my favorite)," said Ozzie. "It was like the dip I have with my chips all the time."

"I thought the Guacamole tastes very fresh. It wasn't overly spicy but it was good, and the green onion one was delicious too. Very good."

Aside from the new flavors, freshness and simplicity of making the dip seem to be a huge hit too.

"Very simple easy, nice, nice quick easy, the kids could even do it," said Dorothy Rowlands from Duryea.

"It is simple, very easy to do, just throw the sour cream in or what you want to add and it was very, very simple," said Susan Lazevnick from Duryea.

"I don't eat guacamole so I don't care for that but the onion dip, very similar to what's on the shelves. My favorite was the Harvest Dill. Different, nothing out there on the shelves like it," Lazevnick added.

All in all the Hidden Valley Dips Mixes we a huge hit and everyone there says it will be on their table for the next cookout.

We bought them at Walmart for $1.38 a package.