Chef Boyardee Statue Unveiled in Milton

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MILTON -- When many people think of canned pasta, they think of Chef Boyardee. It is a brand many of us grew up eating, but what you may not know is Chef Boyardee products have been made in Milton for the past 75 years.

This man has arguably one of the most famous faces on a can of food.

"He was a chef, who at a young age was known all over the world. He was that good," Paul Boiardi said.

Chef Boyardee products have been made at ConAgra Foods in Milton for the past 75 years. To celebrate that milestone, the company unveiled a Chef Boyardee statue--from a very large can of pasta!

"And there he is. Welcome home, Chef, welcome home."

"We think we have a great legacy. My employees are so proud of the Chef Boyardee brand and the legacy of Hector," Plant Manager Steve Smith said.

ConAgra Foods currently employs around 750 people. Over the past 75 years, Chef Boyardee has provided employment for more than 10,000 workers in the Milton area.

"Well it's my livelihood. I mean, it put my kids through college," Lori Kline said.

"Provided me with a job all these years and it's been financial income for the community," Glen Bennage said.

Someone who was especially excited to see the statue in Milton is Chef Boyardee's nephew, Paul Boiardi.

"Very emotional. To see that he has never been forgotten. He had a vision," Boiardi said.

The Chef Boyardi statue's new home is right outside ConAgra Foods, greeting employees as they walk through the door.