Search For Missing Fisherman In Carbon County

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Emergency rescue teams searched the lake at Beltzville State Park Monday after an empty boat was found there.

Searchers have been out at Beltzville State Park since Monday morning and suspended the search around 3:30 p.m.

First responders from several counties searched the waters of the lake at Beltzville State Park. They were looking for a man who went fishing at the lake in a boat.

Investigators spent most of the day taking measurements and gathering evidence. The missing man lives only a few miles from the lake. Another fisherman spotted the problem with his boat.

"I believe they reported it was not operating in a normal fashion and seemed there was something wrong and there wasn't a person," said Mark Nalesnick, Carbon County EMA.

We caught up these divers taking a break before going back to search underwater for the missing fisherman.

"We have a lot of mutual aid departments here and all of our departments give our time for the community. Most of them in the Goodwill are older; they've been in the fire service. They are not in a position where they can answer a call, so this is something that keeps them occupied with it," said Steve Ebbert, Lehighton Fire Department.

About 50 people were either directly involved in the search or were in a support capacity.

"Both my boys were raised in it and it has to be in your blood. That's all I can say," said Rich Bachert, fire police officer.

A group called the North Penn Goodwill Service, based near Philadelphia, were busy supplying water and food to the first responders.

"It's like volunteer fire departments, why do they volunteer? Most of the guys are older and most of them were in the fire service and they're not in the area where they could go out and answer a call, so this is something that keeps them occupied with it," said Charlie Seitz, North Penn Goodwill Service.

Officials want to drive home the importance of wearing a life preserver when boating. Investigators say the missing fisherman was not wearing his. It was found in his empty boat.