Reaction To Birth Of Future Monarch Of England

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PALMERTON -- At the park in Palmerton, dozens gathered for the end of the first day of the Go Joe bike ride that raises money for the St. Joseph's Center in Scranton.

While they were excited to meet our Joe Snedeker, they were also all abuzz about the royal news taking place miles away across the pond in England.

“That is exciting.  I'm glad she had a little boy, I'm anxious to see a picture,” said Jane George from Aquashicola.

“It is very exciting, it is exciting, every new baby is exciting. It doesn't matter royalty or not it's exciting,” said Kathy Gahelka of Palmerton.

The future king and queen of England, William and Cate, welcomed a baby boy with the eyes of the world watching.

The countdown to the birth brought down a media frenzy that camped outside of St. Mary's Hospital.

“Oh, yeah, it's the future monarch of England,” said Ed Dwyer of Lehighton. “I can understand, you see thousands of people out there, looking to see when the baby's going to be born.  They put the announcement up this morning.  We saw that before we left and then my wife just told me he was born.”

British Parliament is changing a 300-year-old law now making the first born royal child the heir to the throne, regardless of gender.

That meant if the couple had a girl, she would be queen even if brothers were born later.

“We wanted a girl,” said Kathy Bowman of Bownmanstown.

“I wanted it to be a girl,” said Elizabeth Sterner of Palmerton.

Now the next guessing game is what the future king will be called.

“Oh, I don't know, I don't know, Charles possibly?” said Gahelka.

“Oh, I have no idea,” said George.

The newborn is third in line for the throne after his father Prince William, and his grandfather Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 61 years.