Heat Exhaustion

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MOOSIC -- For five days, it has been sweltering, simmering and stifling.

After a long work week and of course a heat wave, people were cooling down at Damenti's Restaurant near Mountain Top.

The patio bar is cooled with a seven-ton refrigeration system.

"Everybody wants air conditioning this time of year. I mean, can you imagine when they didn't have it?" said Kevin McDonald, restaurant owner and chef.

At The Snack Shack in Wilkes-Barre Township, folks were enjoying a frosty treat Friday night.

Six-year-old Naomi Wharton of Kingston slurped her ice cream cone as she explained how she keeps cool.

"Going in the pool and staying in the house when it's cold and the weather. "

At Locust Lake State Park in Schuylkill County, many were camping during the heat wave, coping with muggy, buggy weather by taking occasional dips in the lake.

"Feels like you're in a sauna pretty much. A sweathouse,but it's not too bad if you stay in the shade," laughed Steve Behm of Lebanon.

Meteorologists predict the heat wave will end in the next day or two, and after this week, people said that is exactly what they want to hear.

"A cool off? That sounds good, sounds real good," said Roberta Wingler of Hunlock Creek as she fished in Locust Lake with her family Friday.