Couple Moves To Selinsgrove After Deadly Wildfire

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SELINSGROVE -- People in Arizona are familiar with the damage caused by wildfires.  It was just over two weeks ago when 19 firefighters were killed in Yarnell, Arizona.

Two people with ties to our area were forced out of their home by that same fire. The couple is living in Selinsgrove with family.

George and Delores Dubaskas sat outside their son's house in Selinsgrove and looked at pictures of what used to be their house in Yarnell, Arizona.

"We just barely made it out of the house."

Late last month, their house, along with more than 100 others, was destroyed in a wildfire, the same one that killed 19 firefighters in Arizona.

"We got out alive," said Delores. "That's the main thing."

George and Delores laid down to take a nap after church on June 30. They are both hard of hearing so they did not hear the sirens outside their house. They looked outside when they heard their dogs barking.

"We looked over and saw our neighbor's house and he said, 'Yetta's house is already on fire,'" Delores recalled.

"I told Delores 'we've got to get out of here.'  I didn't know if we were on fire or what but there was smoke all over the place," George said.

George and Delores lost almost everything they owned inside their house during the fire, but they do feel lucky in a way because they have each other.

"That day was just plain horrible," said George. "All I do is thank God every day for having both of us."

The couple's son drove to Arizona last week to bring his parents home to Selinsgrove. The family said they are thankful George, Delores and their dogs made it out safely.

"I was worried.  My heart broke for all the firefighters and the people over there and for them," said granddaughter Talisha Probst.

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