Rolling Stone Puts Alleged Boston Marathon Bomber On Cover

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The August issue of Rolling Stone Magazine has ignited a firestorm of criticism.

The cover shot for the edition depicts Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the alleged Boston Marathon Bombers.

Both CVS and Walgreens are refusing to sell the August issue and many are accusing the magazine of glorifying the 19-year old suspect.

Here at the Scranton Running Company, avid runners gather for an evening group run.

Many here have run marathons and some ran this year`s Boston Marathon.

A marathon that the nation won`t soon forget after a pair of bomb detonated at the finish line, killing three and injuring more than 260 people.

“It was my first Boston Marathon and I finished it with my sister, we crossed the line together, holding hands, about 23 minutes before the bombs went off, and you know we were ready to celebrate and none of that happened because we didn`t know how to feel, we were shocked,” said Melissa Delfino of Dunmore.

Two suspects, brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were quickly tracked down by police; Tamerlan was killed and Dzhokhar was injured in a shootout with authorities.

Now Dzhokhar, who is in custody, is making news once again.

This time as the cover story in the August issue of Rolling Stone magazine with the headline alleging he was a “…popular, promising student… who fell into radical Islam...”

Many say the picture is extremely disrespectful and glorifies a terrorist.

“If they wanted to do an article that`s fine, certainly didn`t have to go to the extent of putting a picture, let alone a picture on the cover of the magazine,” said Paul Ahora who ran this year’s Boston Marathon.

“You think of someone on the cover, a front cover, you look at as an idol or hero and he`s far from that obviously,” said Erica Riecke who ran this year’s Boston Marathon.

Rolling Stone says it`s “…hearts are with the victims of the bombing…”

However the cover story “falls within the traditions of journalism and rolling stone`s long-standing commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political and cultural issues of our day...”

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said the cover “…re-affirms that destruction gains fame for killers...” and that “There may be valuable journalism behind your sensational treatment, though we can`t know because almost all you released is the cover.”

“I have a feeling they knew what they were doing and they did it for a reason and they`re going for the shock factor and they certainly got it, what happens after this I don`t know, it`s hard to tell,” said Matthew Byrne, the owner of the Scranton Running Company.

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