Pepper Spray, Stun Guns Selling Fast in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE – The owner of Outlet Army and Navy on South Main Street told Newswatch 16 that stun guns and pepper spray targeted toward women are selling fast this summer.

Sheldon Block said pepper spray containers in pink cases have been popular, and that he has nearly sold his entire supply of pink stun guns.

"You have more desperate people. You have people out of work unfortunately. And people with time on their hands and lack of money and lack of things to do,” said Block.

Detectives in Wilkes-Barre have handled six homicide cases so far this year, as well as other shooting and stabbing investigations.

Brandi Mozisek said she purchased pepper spray because of non-violent crimes reported throughout the city, including cellphone thefts and vehicle break-ins.

“I got pepper spray, because these guys around here are crazy. I had to throw a slushy at somebody yesterday so, might as well get pepper spray,” said Mozisek.

Jean Steblinski told Newswatch 16 that she decided to purchase a stun gun because of trouble in her neighborhood in nearby Edwarsdsville.

"I was having some difficulty where I was living. I didn`t feel quite safe. I have ADT but they’re fed up with me,” said Steblinski.

Block said standard black and pink self-defense weapons cost the same price at his store in Luzerne County.