Keeping Pets Safe During Heat Wave

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POTTSVILLE -- Veterinarians are urging pet owners to watch for signs that their furry friends may be feeling the effects of the heat wave.  Experts some common sense rules can help prevent problems.

Nadine Witmer of Pottsville recently got a German shepherd pup. She has her hands full but knows part of her responsibility is to make sure her pet doesn't get sick from the heat wave.

"She can be out for a little while and gets hot and needs to drink, she drinks water like crazy!" Witmer explained.

Witmer has one pet to care for. At the Hillside S.P.C.A. near Pottsville, the staff cares for dozens of dogs and cats. Experts said water and shelter are key to keeping your pets healthy during the heat wave.

S.P.C.A. staffer Donna Martin said the facility uses fans and air conditioners keep the animals cool.

"The cats generate a lot of heat on their own and to keep the temperatures cool in here is a good idea so they're not overheating and could make them sick."

S.P.C.A officials said they recently saved two dogs from possible death from the heat.  Janine Choplick said their owners put them in a small room during the heat wave.

"There was no food, no water and fortunately some neighbors heard them barking and gave them food and water and called us, but maybe those dogs would have perished in another day."

At the Mountain Shadow Veterinary Hospital near Schuylkill Haven, experts warned of the signs from heat stroke in your pet.

Dr. John Broshkevitch explained when to get professional help.

"Their temperatures will be really high. They will feel hot to you when you're feeling them. Their color in their tongue and gums will become very pale and they may be experiencing diarrhea."

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