Taste Test: Fruit Roll-Ups Flavor Mixers

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This week's Taste Test was a fruity and chewy one, since Fruit Roll-Ups came out with new flavor mixers.

So if you're looking for a new snack to pack in your child's lunch box, watch and decide for yourself if Fruit Roll-Ups might be the right snack for you.

They're fruity, they're chewy and they're full of flavor. At least that's what new Fruit Roll-Ups flavor mixers claim to be.

The three flavors: strawberry, lemonade, and tropical are made so you can create your own "flavor combo."

All three flavors are on the same roll in each package. So to find out if they were true to their individual flavors and combinations, we took them to Blakely Community Park in Lackawanna County.

At our first stop around the park we found some kids playing on the playground.

"You seem to be liking the Fruit Roll-Up, tell me about it. What did you think?"
"Good," said Nicholas.
"What's so good about it?"
"That's so good!"
"It's just so good?! What flavors do you taste?"
"I taste all of them!"

While Nicholas was chowing down on his Fruit Roll-Up we asked his grandmother to taste it for herself.

"Actually it's very good. I like it."
"Well what kind of flavors does it taste like? It claims to taste different flavors, which ones do you taste?"
"You know what? It's citrus. It tastes a lot like a lemon. More lemon than anything else," said Donna Scassellati from Jessup.

While the Fruit Roll-Ups tend to taste like one whole flavor when you ball it all up, the box claims you can create three different flavor combos: tropical-strawberry, strawberry-lemonade, and tropical lemonade.

"Well I tried the yellow and the green together first, and then I had the red and yellow."
"So the red and yellow, it's supposed to taste like strawberry lemonade."
"Yeah, that's what it is, strawberry lemonade," said Bobby Craig from Peckville.

"I thought it was actually going to taste like the original Fruit Roll-Up, but I actually, when we tried it, I started off with the red and green and it actually tasted like the tropical flavor," said Connor Kelley from Peckville.

The overall consensus of the new Fruit Roll-Ups flavor mixers: the flavors were great, but the snack itself was sticky and messy, probably not the best snack to have on a hot day.

We bought them at Gerrity's for $2.55 a box.