Crash Caught On Camera

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- Police in Luzerne County are still investigating the cause of a crash that was caught on camera by a passerby.

Investigators said several people called 911 about an SUV swerving all over the busy road Sunday.

One driver started taking video of the Jeep on his cell phone just before it crashed into another car on Route 309 in Butler Township.

The driver of that jeep, Stephen Furedi, 27, of Pittston, is hospitalized in critical condition.

Butler Township police believe Furedi caused the crash but it could take weeks to determine why it happened, and if he'll be cited or charged.

Within seconds of hitting the record button on his cell phone camera, a driver captured the head-on crash Sunday afternoon.

Butler Township police say Furedi crossed the double yellow line in his Jeep and slammed into another SUV.

Minutes earlier, officers said several drivers had called 911 about the Jeep driving erratically for several miles.

"The mountain over here, you don't realize how steep it is. As you're coming down the mountain you pick up a lot of speed," said Tom Bell of Bell House Café.

Bell said that this was the second crash in two years along Route 309 that ripped off a part of his sign. This time the bulbs were not broken. Bell says the busy stretch of Route 309 that links the mountain top area to Hazleton can be dangerous.

Butler Township police say they will use video of the moment of impact, as well as crash reconstruction and medical reports, to try and figure out why Furedi crashed.

"I was here when the EMTs were working on him. They did a phenomenal job. I mean if the guy survives, it was just because of them."

The driver of the SUV that was hit, Tammy Hiller, is also still in the hospital.

Butler Township police say they want any other drivers who may have seen that jeep before the wreck to give them a call.