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Two People Arrested, Dog Injured In Bath Salts Raid

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WEST PITTSTON – An indictment signed by a federal grand jury led to a raid and the arrest of two people inside a home on Liberty Street.

Court documents said Todd Morgans and Christa Policare had about 7000 grams of suspected bath salts, as well as nearly $700,000 in the house.

The synthetic drug, commonly known as bath salts, was banned back in 2011.

The Luzerne County SPCA was called to remove two dogs from the home.

Officers said one of the dogs was shot and injured during the raid.

"We heard them bust the doors in. Next thing you know, we heard what sounded like gunshots,” said neighbor Bruce Tobin.

Joe Biscotto told Newswatch 16 that he called police at least ten times with tips about suspicious cars and people at the home.

"People walking down the street barking like dogs there would be fighting and people screaming,” said Biscotti. “Nothing could be worse than bath salts. All drugs are bad but bath salts really alter your behavior, it makes people crazy.”

Evelyn Stepanski said she’s relieved that the alleged bath salts dealers were busted.

"It's really a shame because there are so many kids in this area and this is why you can’t even let your children out because youre so afraid,” said Stepanski.