RailRiders On A Roll

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Winning is contagious and the RailRiders have the winning bug. After an 8-7 victory Tuesday afternoon against Rochester that's six in a row for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, and the wins are coming from all corners of the park.

"Momentum is huge in this game. Just when the ball starts rolling in just kind of seems like everything goes your way and you just really got to take that as far as you can," said Josh Bell-SWB RailRiders third baseman.

Take for instance Monday night 9th inning-Rochester starting a rally, but Addison Maruszak out in left field tracks one down-makes an incredible catch ending the night. Tuesday a lucky break on a very hard hit ball off Brent Lillibridge's bat-goes off Antoan's Richardson's glove-another win and the Railriders are riding high.

"It's a good feeling! It's a lot better than losing I can tell you that much, but just a lot of positivity when it comes to winning and the more positive you can be the more wins you're gonna have," said Addison Maruszak.

"Things have to go your way like that a ball goes past the catcher at the end-gets on second a little more pressure all that stuff might eliminate other pitches things have been going our way," said Brent Lillibridge.

When you pick up guys like Corey Patterson and Brent Lillibridge, and a Thomas Neal comes down from the big leagues with the Yankees it makes the lineup longer-guys with proven major league service are here and the RailRiders have been on a roll.

"A lot of guys are starting to swing it really well, it kind of seems like as soon as the weather started to heat up guys started to heat up as well, and your starting to see what our lineup was capable of doing and what we expected early on, but now that we picked it up now. Baseball is pretty fun right now," said Thomas Neal.

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre lost 5-1 to Rochester on Wednesday night at PNC Field ending their 6 game winning streak.