50 Years Of Cool Treats

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KINGSTON -- There are few things better than a cool treat on a hot summer day. Now, chop the prices in half and you have some very happy customers.

That's what the Dairy Queen in Kingston did Wednesday to honor its fiftieth anniversary.

A couple of Dairy Queens have popped up around the area in recent years but the Dairy Queen in Kingston is the one that started it all. As of Wednesday, it's 50 years old and the whole community got a chance to celebrate.

It's a lot of work to make the perfect ice cream treat and on the Kingston Dairy Queen's 50th anniversary the employees don't want to mess up an order.

After all, some people such as Caroline Magistro of Forty Fort had a lot to order.

"We got everything to take home and freeze for later on this week and we'll take some up to my mother-in-law's."

For the birthday bash D Q slashed prices in half and tripled its staff for the afternoon shift.

In 50 years the number of flavors has increased. So have the prices.

"They used to have the 15 cent hamburgs. I think that was around then."

Some things have changed over the years. Now, you don't even have to get out of the car to get ice cream but people here say the taste hasn't changed one bit.

"More flavors and more blizzards and things like that, but to me, I always get a root beer float so it hasn't changed for me in years," said Patricia Corwin.

"I've become addicted to their Georgia Mud Fudge."

"Well, I like all the flavors and the Orange Julius."

After 50 years, there's still something for the old the young and even the canine.

We didn't see any while we were there but the manager told us some people were bringing coolers to the Dairy Queen and packing them up with ice cream for later.

The prices last until 11 p.m. Wednesday.