Odd South Abington Township Robbery

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- South Abington Township police said it happened at the Comfort Inn along Northern Boulevard in Lackawanna County before 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Surveillance video showed the two men wearing glasses and hoodies walking in, one showed a gun and then both ran off.

Police said the men were clearly desperate for cash, because before heading to the Comfort Inn, police said the men parked a gold colored Ford Expedition at a gas pump at nearby Sheetz, then walked behind the business.

Police believe the men hid in the wooded area, then walked thru the drive-thru at McDonald's, reached into the drive-up window and tried to steal the cash register.

When they could not, cops said the robbers headed down the road to the Comfort Inn.

"I've lived in Clarks Summit for probably seven or eight years now and never heard of really anything happening in Clarks Summit, so it's very surprising to hear about. That place down there, I've been there a few times. I've never seen anything or heard anything. Doesn't make me happy," said Brian Walsh of Clarks Summit.

Township police said they believe the men could be connected to other crimes in the area, perhaps a recent strong arm robbery in Scranton. They want to catch the men responsible and people who live in the the Abingtons said, of course, they want the same.

"It's really surprising to be honest. It's a pretty quiet area, so you wouldn't really expect it from Abingtons," said Colin Tansits.

"You know, desperate times do call for desperate measures. I mean our economy isn't the greatest right now," said Nathan Ratchford of Clarks Summit.