Hawley Getting a Fresh, Colorful Look

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HAWLEY -- One popular tourist town in the Poconos will have a more colorful appearance.

Hawley is one of 20 communities throughout the United States and Canada that won a contest to have some downtown buildings re-painted.

For some business owners and tourists, the fresh coat of paint means more than a new look.

"It's a darling little town, and deserves to be repainted," said Linda Clemons of Florida.

A recent contest sponsored by Benjamin Moore, a national company that sells paints, asked people to vote for their favorite downtown communities they felt needed to be revitalized.

Hawley was one of 20 other communities throughout the nation and Canada that won.

The award is its downtown storefronts will get a fresh coat of paint, for free.

"We're just thrilled to death," said Julie Teeter-Seiler, the co-owner of Teeter's Furniture.

Teeter-Seiler and other business owners are excited to see what the town will look like once the layers of paint are added.

"We've got a lot of old businesses in town and a fresh coat of paint really brings back the original look and the Victorian nature of those buildings," said Teeter-Seiler.

"I'm glad we were picked to have our town done over," said Jim Downey, the owner of Trish's Bagels.

In downtown Hawley, about a two to three block stretch of downtown will get a new fresh coat of paint on its buildings. For some local business owners and some tourists, they say the fresh coat of paint will mean much more than just the beautification of the community.  It will mean a boost in the local economy.

"I think it will really help the town, bring some more tourists up," said Downey.

"When it's got a fresh look, and it develops a much fresher character, people are more attracted to the downtown, how pretty it is and take advantage of the shopping," said Teeter-Seiler.

Representatives of Benjamin Moore Paints will meet with Hawley officials about what colors to use.

The company will then pay local crews to paint the town, starting late summer.