The Heat is On

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July is off to a hot start!

This stretch of 90 degree weather has a lot of people looking for ways to cool off or enjoy the summer heat.

Some folks went back to nature in Schuylkill County to enjoy the simmering Sunday in a state park.

The sun shone down on Locust Lake State Park in Schuylkill County as the mercury hovered above the 90 degree mark. Boaters soaked in the hot July sunshine and heat.

Even man's best friend got to cool off and paddle around the lake water.

Jim Denier of Tamaqua brought his four-legged friend out to cool off during this stretch of hot summer days, but for others, this was a chance to escape the even hotter days in the city.

"It's always a little muggy because it's July. It's nice here on the water, got the cool breeze, so it doesn't feel as bad as it does in the city for sure," said Mariah Brooks of Philadelphia.

The Brooks family camps at the state park every year around the Fourth of July, so Mariah Brooks and her daughter, M.G., chose to rent a kayak and take to the lake.

"This was our weekend to come out to camp, and this is our last day here so we thought we'd enjoy going boating on the water," said Mariah Brooks.

"There's so many things. I can't think. I like the boating. I like seeing the fish in the water when you go in the shallow end," said M.G. Brooks of Philadelphia.

The state park, unlike the city, offers a lot of trees and shade, and so even though it's a bit muggy, Jessica Richardson of Philadelphia thinks the weather's just right.

"I just like being able to spend time with my family, going around hikes and being around nature. Since I live in the city we don't get a lot of nature," said Richardson.

Even New York was represented at Locust Lake State Park. A couple was there to camp and compared it to the climate in the city.

"I like these days. Not too much hot, ya know, humid," said Miguel Cantaron of New York.