Suspect Identified in Hazleton Shooting

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HAZLETON — We turn now to Luzerne County, where a shooter is on the loose after gun shots were fired overnight in Hazleton. Police say the victim is okay. Police are now on the lookout for John Carlos Paulino, in connection with the shooting.

Remnants of firecrackers line Diamond Avenue in Hazleton, but just up the road are blood stains. Police say two men got into an argument in the middle of the street around 2AM. It ended with one shooting the other several times in the chest and stomach, according to police.

Kathy Cole lives across the street.

“I said ‘Oh my god, now who got killed?’ You know? It’s like who got it this time?” said Kathy Cole, of Hazleton.

It was in front of this house that neighbors who didn’t want to speak on camera say they saw a van parked right here, and next to the van, a person lying in the road, surrounded by people from inside this house.

Police say the victim had surgery and is expected to be okay. Police have not tracked down the shooter.

But Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea says there are other issues that came up when responding to this shooting. DeAndrea says his department responded within minutes, but Luzerne County 911 took a half hour for an ambulance to arrive.

“I recognize that there’s a high call volume because it’s fourth of July. However, there’s a man lying shot, bleeding on the streets of the city of Hazleton, and we can’t get the phone answered,” said Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea.

Deandrea says this isn’t the first time a shooting has happened in this neighborhood, and it has neighbors like Kathy Cole concerned.

“It’s scary though. This is the second time this happened in front of my house. My boyfriend wants me to move,” said Cole.

We did reach out to Luzerne County Communicatins Center about the chief’s complaint. They said they could not respond at this time.

If you know anything about this morning’s shooting on Diamond Avenue, you’re asked to call the Hazleton Police.