Scott Moore Named Lock Haven Head Wrestling Coach

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Scott Moore is back to work teaching new wrestling moves to youngsters at Mat-Town USA in Lock Haven. This comes one day after being named Lock Haven's new head wrestling coach.

"It's been an exciting week getting the opportunity to lead the Bald Eagles into the future and it's been a great process a lot of professional development just meeting a lot of people, talking to a lot of alumni, the supporters and donors and getting the supporters together and getting everybody buying in to support Lock Haven," said Scott Moore.

Moore no stranger to Pennsylvania wrestling-he won a Big 10 title in 2003 at Penn State, then went (51-1) at Virginia in 2004 collecting the ACC wrestler of the year. It's accomplishments like that on the mat that make this 2-time All-American a perfect fit to lead this Bald Eagles program.

"Your just as tough as your competition. We're not looking to back away from competition-wrestling Penn State every year and wrestling all the other Pennsylvania schools is part of our schedule. We're looking forward to going in and battling these schools and showing them our improvement and we're here to compete," added Scott.

Scott takes over this program here at Lock Haven with some familiarity having been the assistant the last three years, and his first week on the job will be a busy one with two recruiting trips scheduled, another session here at Mat-Town USA and for the first time at the end of the week he will meet with his team up at Lock Haven at wrestling camp.

"We're working hard to get the best kids within that 2 hour radius. If we can get those kids the support and the crowd is going to follow and those are the guys we need to develop and make sure they're doing the right things," again said Scott.

"I've been working with him a lot the last couple of years. He is a real interactive coach. He's been wrestling with me a lot-wrestling around. I've been picking up a lot of new things from him, so it's been pretty helpful," said Hayden Hidlay.

"How do you think the Bald Eagles are going to do this year? A little better than last year. Only because he's the head coach now? Yes," said Logan Long.

Scott has four months to prepare his team for the first dual match in November.