Cleanup Continues in Clinton County

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BEECH CREEK -- People are cleaning out their houses today after flash flooding ripped through their neighborhood in Clinton County. More rain last night was a set-back for cleanup crews in Beech Creek.

Mary Jane Yahn looks through pictures that were stored in her basement. Last week's flash flooding filled the basement of her home in Beech Creek with five feet of water, destroying major appliances and her husband's record collection.

"With the sump-pumps not working it just stayed there. As a result, computer chairs and everything got ruined because they're all soaked," Yahn said.

Her family spent the day cleaning out her basement, and throwing things away.

"I wanted to run away, but you can't do that. You have to stay strong," Yahn said.

"My barn, my bridge, it undermined my garage and my garden went," Richard Weston said.

Just a few miles away in Beech Creek Township, Richard Weston is in a similar situation.

"The creek has never come up like this. It's hardly ever come out of its banks. Over the years when we had all the other floods--nothing like this," Weston said.

Since Thursday, officials say 18 houses in the Beech Creek area have been damaged by flooding. This man, 86-year-old Clyde Rupert, died in the storm. He was swept away when sugar run creek flooded. Parts of Clinton County were underwater again after Sunday night's storm.

Commissioners declared Clinton County a disaster area last week, but officials would like to see a state disaster declaration in parts of Clinton County because that would bring additional assistance to flood victims.

"I think some state funding will come. The question is whether it triggers to the national level to be a federal declaration," Congressman Glenn Thompson said.

Several officials, including Congressman Glenn Thompson toured parts of Clinton County, including this house in Beech Creek Township.

"A lot of damage to basements, certainly some first floors, infrastructure damage, pretty significant in terms of roadways," Thompson said.

There is an information session Tuesday evening at seven for flood victims at the Beech Creek Social Hall.