Lewisburg Parade Honors Veterans

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LEWISBURG -- Thousands saluted our veterans Saturday morning in Union County during the annual Fourth of July parade.

Like a blast from the past, a World War II era B-25 flew over downtown Lewisburg, signaling the start of another Veterans Fourth of July parade.

The streets were lined with people who made a point to join in the celebration and enjoy the marching bands, watch the floats, and honor the men and women who served this country in times of war and times of peace.

"It's our veterans," said Barry Cooper of Winfield. "They sacrifice so much for us, and I appreciate that. And, without them, we wouldn't have the freedom we have."

The parade coincides with Union County's bicentennial celebration. 200 years of history was represented here with costumes from a bygone era..

"There's a lot of costumes. There's a lot of great music. That's what's so great about this parade in particular. It's the best one in the area," said Brenda Bittner of Milton.

For two hours, people enjoyed vintage cars and people who've made history, including the women who played professional baseball during World War II and served as the inspiration for the movie, "A League of Their Own."

"This is about my third year here. I think the crowd gets larger every year, and the people are just wonderful, and they're very appreciative," said Joanne McComb, who played in the All-American Girls' Baseball League.

Also appreciative are the veterans, the men and women who are at the center of this patriotic parade.

"It means a big deal to me, myself, and all the rest of the people who served in the military," said Charles Greiner, a Vietnam veteran.

Following the parade in Lewisburg, there was a picnic and band concerts, and a USO gala dinner dance in the evening.