Three Men Face Child Sex Crimes in Poconos

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Three men from the Poconos, each accused of separate sex crimes against children, are headed to trial.

One of the accused, Alonzo McGill, a student at Pocono Mountain West.

He's accused of trying to rape a teenage girl in the school bathroom earlier this month. Police say a security guard came into the bathroom and stopped the attack.

Magill gave up his right to a hearing at a Magistrate's office in Tobyhanna and is headed to trial.

David Humes of Pocono Lake was ordered to stand trial.

Police say in March, Humes sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl.  That little girl, police say, told her mother about the abuse.

The Assistant District Attorney prosecuting the case says it's important for children to be able to talk to their parents.

"Parents must be very careful.  Try to protect your children, teach them as best possible.  Teach them about stranger danger, especially if anything does happen, that it's ok to talk and tell about it," said Michael Rakaczewski.

Brian Orlowski of Moosic is also accused of child sex crimes.  He gave up his right to a hearing and is headed to trial.

When asked what happened, Orlowski said, "I was set up,".

But police say last month, he traveled to Pocono Pines to meet a 13-year-old girl and he was planning to have sex with her.

He's locked up in the Monroe County prison facing child sex and drug charges.