DEP: Wrong Pump Caused Sewer Problem

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A sewer problem in one private community in the Poconos is in the process of getting resolved.

Last week, the development's sewer system broke and now local septic companies have stepped in to try to figure out what went wrong.

Local septic crews from the Pocono area are spending hours digging and investigating the sewer system at Lake of the Pines near Marshalls Creek.

More than 40 homes in the private community have been without a working sewer system, some, for nearly a week.

"Things started to unravel Saturday night because we didn't hear our pump running," said Peter Nelson, a resident of Lake of the Pines.

Nelson is glad to see septic crews working in front of his home.

As for the crew members themselves, they realize their work is cut out for them.

"From my experience, there's a block in the line somewhere, on the main, out here on the street. So as soon as we find that, we should be up and running," said Joby Poster, the owner of Semper Fi Pump Service.

Having septic crews on site is a blessing for Carmen Kakakios. Newswatch 16 met her Monday when she explained how her grinder pump stopped working Tuesday at her home in Lake of the Pines.

The grinder pump is where all the waste water is stored in her home. As a result, the grinder pump started to overflow and she decided to stop using water, including the toilet.

You can imagine it's quite a relief for her to see crews working on the sewer line.

"It's great.  It seems we are getting more people in here to start digging in the grounds and hopefully find the source of this problem," said Kakakios.

While the sewer system is getting repaired at Lake of the Pines, Middle Smithfield Township officials opened up the Country Club of the Poconos so residents can shower and use the bathroom, until their problem is solved.

Kakakios is one of those residents who is taking advantage of going to the Country Club of the Poconos, located a five-minute drive away.

"It's a little drive off, but at least it's something," said Kakakios.

After a day of investigating the sewer system, the Department of Environmental Protection says one homeowner installed the wrong pump. DEP officials believe that pump caused a half-mile of the main sewage pipe to clog in Lake of the Pines.

Crews continue to work to fix the problem.

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