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Summer. It’s Official!

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- Friday was the first day of summer and the longest time of daylight for the year. Some people were involved in all kinds of activities to celebrate the day.

Children from a day care center were a good example. They were in a Frackville park enjoying the sunshine and doing what kids do best. Angel Schultz of the Happy Hearts Day Care was one of the adults watching over them.

"I think the weather is beautiful. That's why we brought them out to the playground so they're not stuck in the day care all day. They can come out and have some fun."

Near Ringtown, dozens of people flocked to B and R farms. Their target, a field filled with big, ripe, red strawberries. Most people were in field picking their own. Amanda McClosky estimates she scooped up 10 pounds in an hour

"First day of summer, I am going on vacation, going to make some smoothies when I get home," McClosky said.

At a gun range in West Mahanoy Township, we found Tim Hashinger taking some shots with his rifle.

"The last time I was here it was a Friday and it was raining, so today I've been reloading for my .223 and it's a nice day and I want to go shooting," Hashinger said.

Doug Garloff said he was getting practice with two handguns.

"It's a good little pastime. I enjoy it. I used to do an awful lot. I don't do as much now, but I do enjoy it. I still enjoy shooting."

Nearby, Frances Barlow was fishing with a group of children. She said it's a challenge.
"Yeah I'm crazy taking four kids fishing ."

People said it was a beautiful day and they're hoping for the same conditions on the next big holiday, which is the 4th of July.