Slagus National Champion In The Hammer Throw

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North Pocono senior Jenn Slagus ended her high-school track and field career with a national title. Last Sunday in the New Balance outdoor championships at North Carolina A & T University-Slagus hit her mark of 167'5" inches in the hammer throw finishing a foot ahead of Gabrielle Figueroa from Ohio.

"It was really awesome to see that everything that we worked for paid off because I went to Chicago last weekend with the same four girl's that they invited we're here at nationals and to beat them a week later after they all thought-Oh! Slagus is nothing! So to come out and actually step up and do what I know I'm capable of it was definitely awesome," said Jenn Slagus.

The circle here at North Pocono is 8'2" inches in diameter primarily used to throw the discus as you can see Jenn has it marked off in chalk to resemble the hammer which is 7" in diameter, but Jenn and her family felt like she needed more so they drove out to East Stroudsburg University to throw there in a collegiate style arena.

"It definitely made the difference because I was in the ring and I got to feel going meet speed in the 7 foot circle versus guessing in an 8 foot circle where I'm supposed to be, we turn 4 times in here usually 2 winds over your head and then 4 heel and toe turns then you finish usually over the shoulder," again said Jenn.

"I had no idea that I would end up winning. I thought that you know that I was just hoping for 3rd place-that was in my head-if I got 3rd place I would be happy, and to come out being national champion ending my high-school career which has been so decorated and to end with a national championship was definitely the best thing I could have ever hoped for and I'm just really happy about it," added Jenn.

Jenn is off to South Florida University in Tampa on a full track and field scholarship. She will call Tampa her home this summer as she begins her conditioning program with her new team.