UPDATE: Man Arrested For Wife’s Death

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A man is charged more than a decade after his wife was found dead in Monroe County.

Edward Yale, 75, of Bangor slowly walked into a magistrate's office in just minutes before he turned himself in for the death of his wife Joan in 2001.

In March 2001, state police were called to Yale's home here on Mount Nebo Road, in Marshalls Creek.  They found Yale's wife Joan, 61, dead at the bottom of the basement stairs.

At the time, Yale told police his wife walked down the basement steps to the garage to leave for a hair appointment

Yale says at the time, he was watching TV in another room. When he realized he didn't hear the garage door open, he checked on his wife and found her lying at the bottom of the stairs.

State police say when they interviewed Edward Yale inside his home in 2001, he denied having any involvement with his wife's death.  He also continues to deny any involvement, more than 12 years later.

"I am not guilty. I can't say anything now," Yale said.

"What happened that day?"

"I can't discuss it now."

When Yale's wife was found dead in 2001, the coroner listed the woman's death as undetermined.

Two years ago, state police renewed the investigation.

According to court papers, troopers interviewed Joan's family, who told them Yale was verbally abusive to her, calling her names like "Nazi," "elephant " and "fat pig."

Joan's children from a previous marriage said their mother seemed "very nervous" those last few days.

A forensic pathologist reviewed photographs of the victim and ruled the manner of death homicide, saying the victim suffered blows to the head and neck.

A grand jury in Monroe County recently found enough evidence to charge Edward Yale with criminal homicide.

Yale is locked up in the Monroe County prison.