Family Forced Out Of Home

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- It's the aftermath of a crime which is keeping a family in Schuylkill County out of their home. Last week police uncovered a meth lab next door.

Now the family must stay out of their own home until they are sure it's safe.

Brenda Shadle has to be quick when feeding her cats at her home near Ashland. The Shadle home was condemned last week after a meth lab was found next door and two people were arrested. Shadle said she's glad police moved in.

"I am not happy. Why, they put my family and everyone else in danger. That`s what I feel."

Shadle said she has special permission from township officials to go into the home long enough to care for her pets. Authorities have told the Shadles they have to get the home tested to make sure the place hasn't been contaminated by chemicals from the meth lab next door. Shadle said she's been busy on the phone.

"Now I called the guy in Pottsville to test the air quality or residue that might be on the counters I'm just waiting for an answer back."

While they wait for the air quality tests to take place, the Shadles are staying with Brenda's parents in nearby Girardville.

"It's hard. Like, I sit and cry every night. I'm hurting and I want to go back home and I can't."

Samantha Davidson is Brenda's sister-in-law and explains the ordeal is painful for her, too.

"It's hard to see them go through it I try and give them assistance any way I can but I do cry knowing they might be out of a house ." Davidson said.

It's unclear when the condemned signs will come down and the Shadle family will be able to move back in.