Fire Company Recycling For Nearly 30 Years

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AQUASHICOLA -- A volunteer fire company in Carbon County has a can recycling system that gets the community involved, cuts down on waste and energy and they've been doing it for almost 30 years.

It's the sound that helps keep the Aquashicola Fire Department going strong: hundreds and hundreds of soda cans dumped into the trailer to help offset the company's expenses.

The can recycling system that's been going on for almost 30 years has a bigger message for the community.

"We're a throwaway society today. You buy a computer, it breaks, you get rid of it, so nothing's repaired. At least this way, the cans will be used for something else," Said larry Arner, Aquashicola Fire Department.

Arner, the fire company's recycling coordinator, says ever since he was a kid, he helped clean up the environment. He knew collecting cans would help the fire company raise some money but it also makes a huge difference for the area. In just a few years, the fire department will already have collected its 3 millionth can.

"We researched and we found out that it takes anywhere from 200 to 500 years for an aluminum can to decompose, some say 80 to 200, most 200 to 500, so we've taken a lot out of the environment."

Arner says there is nothing too small, and with the help of his fellow firefighters, they will keep the environment clean for generations to come.

"This is your earth, so guess what, you pollute it, it's not going to be here. Try to keep everything as good as possible."

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