Trio Wanted For Shooting Death of Teen Captured in Philly

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POTTSVILLE -- Police in Schuylkill County say three people accused of being involved in a deadly shooting in the city of Pottsville Tuesday night are expected to be brought back to our area by this weekend.

Investigators tracked down the two men and alleged getaway driver in Philadelphia.

Police say the two men are responsible for the shooting death of Elijah Carraway, 19.

There hasn't been a homicide in Pottsville in the past year and a half. Police say that clean streak was ended by gunfire Tuesday night.

The police department and city hall are on Centre Street.  Officers say Carraway was shot and killed just around the corner, two blocks up on Laurel Boulevard.elijah carraway mug

"Good kid. Very respectful kid. Surely not a kid that deserved that."

Roy Snowell says Carraway stood up for himself and his friends.  Police in Schuylkill County say he was found dead behind a fence after a shooting around 9 p.m. in Pottsville.

Detectives think it all started with an argument over drugs.

In the morning, the neighborhood was still littered with yellow crime tape.

Friends of Carraway came to see the place where his life ended. One girl had his name written on her hand.

People who live in this development and heard the gunshots say, it's difficult to hear that a 19 year old was shot and killed here on Laurel Boulevard. Neighbors say it's on the same block where the last homicide happened in Pottsville, about a year and a half ago.

"Very few times you'll find people around here that pick up knives, pick up guns, in order to settle their beefs. You know what I mean? We just don't grow up like that," Snowell said.

Pottsville's police chief says witnesses said Dustin Ballard, 24, and Anthony Ballard, 26, of Philadelphia were responsible for the shooting.

Within 12 hours, the suspects were tracked down at their home in Philadelphia.

Police found Jamiee Watson of Pottsville with them. Cops believe she was the driver who helped them get out of Schuylkill County.

“They’re very good policemen,” said James Brown. “Continue on the good work, Pottsville officers.”

The arrest warrant says the Ballards are wanted for criminal homicide.

The chief says it's still unclear which brother may have pulled the trigger or what charges will be filed against the trio.

According to a Schuylkill County Assistant District Attorney, The Ballard brothers were arrested and jailed earlier this year in Pottsville, for an alleged robbery and assault in April.

The prosecutor told Newswatch 16 that charges against Dustin Ballard are still pending at a magistrate court, but all of the charges against Anthony Ballard were dismissed because a witness couldn’t identify him at a preliminary hearing for that alleged crime.