Two Plants Close, Workers Laid Off

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LOCK HAVEN -- Workers at two auto part plants in Clinton County are off the job without notice. The abrupt closings leave about 150 employees suddenly looking for new jobs.

The same company owns Fenco Technical Center and Lock Haven Distribution and without so much as a warning laid off more than 100 workers.

The company says its subsidiaries are bankrupt but had no explanation for why workers were left in the lurch.

There wasn't a single soul around the distribution facility in Lock Haven that, until Monday, employed more than 100 people.

And on Third Avenue, the Fenco Technical Center was also a ghost town. Both places were in the business of remanufacturing and shipping auto parts.

In a news release, parent company Motorcar Parts of America says it's cutting ties with Fenco and Fenwick Automotive Products.  The two which ran the plants in Lock Haven will now go through bankruptcy.

At Lock Haven distribution, a massive facility near the city's airport, one former worker wanted to remain anonymous. He says employees were told Monday morning during a meeting their jobs were gone and they had to leave.

"If there had been forewarning we could have maybe done something different but just all of a sudden, out of the blue, not have a job anymore, through no fault of our own."

Another Fenco plant in Northumberland County also got the news Monday it was closing. No one was around the facility in Watsontown but the company did notify state officials in January 55 employees would lose their jobs there by the end of May.

State labor and industry officials say Fenco has not notified them about the layoffs and plant closures in Lock Haven.