School Cuts Ties with Hawkeye, Seeks New Security Cameras

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WILKES-BARRE – School District officials have started the process of looking for a new security camera system, after board members decided to allow a contract to expire with Hawkeye Security.

Superintendent Bernard Prevuznak told Newswatch 16 that the district will no longer have access to Hawkeye security feeds, from cameras outside school buildings on city property.

Starting next week, school officials and contractors are scheduled to start a review, to determine how many cameras are needed inside and outside the school buildings.

“If there is an incident that involves student discipline or some type of controversy, we`re able to go back and review exactly, specific hallway, specific area of the school that would help us in regards to possibly solving that situation,” said Prevuznak.

Prevuznak said the district is looking at state and federal funding to pay for the project, which is expected to be bid out later this year.