Longtime Clothing Store Leaving “The Globe”

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SCRANTON -- The downtown shopping district is changing a bit in Scranton.

A well-known women's clothing store is moving out. But, other boutiques have popped up in center city.

When you walk into Nada & Co. on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton you still get a feel for the history there. The high-end women's clothing store was once the men's department of The Globe department store.

Nada & Co. brought some shine back to the old place for the past six years, but now they're packing up and moving to another location in the city.

"I think we need to be somewhere that's just a little more accessible, a little more convenient for people to park, run in run out, and it seemed like it was a real challenge in the downtown," said owner Katie Gilmartin.

Gilmartin said parking was the biggest problem for her customers, that's a main reason for the move. But, employees recognize that their store was part of a trend downtown. Instead of stores like The Globe, you can see smaller boutiques popping up.

A new men's store, Burlap & Bourbon, opened three weeks ago on courthouse square. And another women's boutique, Modish, will open later on this month.

Nada's customers say they're willing to travel, but sorry to see the store move.

"I hate to see them leave downtown Scranton, it's a great place and it was an asset to the downtown," said Pat Rosetti of Scranton.

The folks at Nada & Co. said they're sorry to leave a storefront empty in downtown Scranton, but in their new location they're looking to revitalize another section of the city. They'll move into the old A & A Auto Store on Capouse Avenue in the Green Ridge section.

The new place will be renovated over the summer and Nada's looking to move in by the fall. Gilmartin doesn't see their move as a hit to the downtown, but said there are ways the businesses there can work together to keep the momentum going.

"There are great stores all over this downtown, and I think if we can find a way to link them together that it's walkable, it's well-lit, the sidewalks are possible, all of those things are so important. I think if there could be a really strong plan to fill in those holes, it will be an asset to everyone," Gilmartin said.

Nada & Co. will leave its location on Wyoming Avenue at the end of the month.