Vendors Setting Up Shop at Raceway

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LONG POND -- The big Nascar race at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond is a few days away and vendors, many who traveled from last weekends race in Dover, Delaware, are unpacking and gearing up for Pocono.

There are also some local vendors doing the same.

"We have everything organized, where it's going to go. It's just a matter of going out to the location and placing it there. We have everything on sheets, where it's supposed to go," said Chris Gerlowsky of Mountain Concessions.

Then in the infield, other vendors are doing the same thing.

"The boys bring things off the truck, we tell them which table to put them at, and we just start laying it out," said Rose Harrison of KK Collectables.

But for Rose, who is from Alabama, she says traveling to Pocono is exciting and enjoys mostly everyone she gets to meet.

"You meet so many awesome people. Some you forget. Some you wish you could forget," said Harrison.

While the vendors are setting up, there's also a couple of new additions to the track, like Tricky's Kit Camp.

It's a play area for all those little fans who can come and enjoy the entire day.

But there's one thing everyone has to keep in mind, in order to enjoy this area, you must be under 42 inches.

But for those of us who are over 42 inches, Pocono Raceway invested in brand new signs so fans will have an easier time navigating through the track and to their seats.

"Basically now these are very vibrant, big colors and in my opinion, it's Pocono 2.0. It's the new Pocono," said Kevin Heaney of Pocono Raceway.

The gates open to fans Friday at 8:00 a.m.

The Nascar race is set for Sunday at 1:00 p.m.