Raceway Hires “Sheep” Labor

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LONG POND -- There are only three days left until the big event at Pocono Raceway.

Flocks of vendors are busy setting up in and around the track.

But one herd that came in Wednesday night are more interested in a nearby grassy field than the race.

Outside the Pocono Raceway track sits a 25-acre solar farm field with nearly 40,000 solar panels and 50 sheep.

"So we bring sheep in every summer. We started last year and they mow the grass in our solar farm for us completely Carbon emission free, with a little fertilizing along the way to keep the grass nice and green," said Brandon Igdalsky, CEO of Pocono Raceway.

As Newswatch 16 photographer Dan Turansky watched his step, the sheep took him on a tour of their home for the next few months.

The solar farm is part of the Pocono Raceway's "Green Solar Project".

It was built in 2010 and since then, it's produced ten-million kilowatt-hours of energy.

The Pocono Raceway CEO wanted to keep the farm as green as could be and needed a way to maintain the lawn.

Then he learned about a solar farm in Europe using sheep to cut the grass and had to jump on board.

"We want to keep it green. No fuel usage, the mower isn't getting used, we aren't shooting rocks into the panels," said Igdalsky.

The sheep will munch on about an acre a day on the 25 acre plot of the solar farm.

By November, they're job will be done and they'll be shipped back home out near State College.

"The fans love it, they come over to the gate during the races, they'll look in and watch the sheep running around," said Igdalsky.

While these sheep might be a little less exciting than watching the big race across the street, they don't seem to mind.

Would you, if you had acres of food to keep you busy?

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