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Fans React To Possible 100 Game Suspension for A-Rod

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MOOSIC -- A major scandal is rocking Major League Baseball. The league could suspend some of the biggest names in the sport, including New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez.

The investigation surrounds a former Florida clinic where those players allegedly received performance enhancing drugs.

At PNC Field, baseball fans settled in to watch the Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders take on the Syracuse Chiefs Wednesday night.

The game comes as the explosive report from ESPN on another doping scandal hitting Major League Baseball is making headline news.

According to investigators, the league is considering the suspension of as many as 20 players, including New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez for allegedly taking performance enhancing drugs.

“It`s been happening for so long now. It`s a shame. It puts a bad mark on baseball, I'm a Yankee fan obviously, and it`s just sad,” said Bill Kerstetter from Milford. “But I`m glad they`re catching these guys, and I`m glad they`re doing something about it.”

Investigators have been looking into a former Miami-based clinic, Biogenesis and the clinic`s founder, Tony Bosch, for providing the players with the drugs.

The names of players, including fellow Yankee Francisco Cervelli and the Milwaukee Brewers former MVP Ryan Braun, were found on records released by the clinic after it folded.

Bosch has agreed to talk with the league on Friday about the ongoing investigation.

Still, some fans aren`t ready to believe the reports just yet.

“I mean is he guilty? Speculation,” said Dave Hubler from Elmhurst.

Rodriguez played at PNC Field two years ago for the then Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees while he was on the injured list.

Cervelli and Seattle Mariner Jesus Montero, who is also reportedly on the list, both played as minor league Yankees in Scranton.

“It really is sad, but it`s time they caught up with all these athletes, you know be fair, play fair,” said Tom Vottero from Millersburg .

Rodriguez has admitted he used performance enhancing drugs while playing with the Texas Rangers roughly 10 years ago. However he denies using them as a Yankee.

He hasn't played at all this season, as he recovers from an injury.