Sending Donations to Oklahoma

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- People in Oklahoma are still cleaning up after the devastating tornados tore through that region over the weekend and from the deadly storms that hit earlier last month. Now one woman from Luzerne County who has family living in Moore, Oklahoma is reaching out to tornado victims.

This is just some of the video that aired after tornadoes touched down in Moore, Oklahoma, video that made people across the country feel for the victims there. But for Vicki Thomas, of Plymouth. It hit a lot closer to home.

"Everybody sticks together, keeps in touch. I wish I could be there to help, but I can`t be there," said Vicki Thomas, of Plymouth.

She grew up in Moore, Oklahoma. Vicki's niece, step-mom and stepsister still live there. She can't make the trip down herself, so she's sending this to Oklahoma instead.

"We have a lot more coming from Harrisburg, from our store in Harrisburg, they`re also doing donations," said Thomas.

Her boss at Sid Harvey Industries in Hanover Twp. helped get a truck to transport donations to a church in Norman, Oklahoma. An even larger rig is on its way.

"To do our part, be a good community member, you know business member of the community, just do the right thing," said Sid Harvey general manager Steve Angel.

Vicki's daughters stopped by to drop off 400 pounds of cat food.

"It was scary watching it on TV and just depressing because I know what it`s like to lose everything. I`d like to help out in any way I can," said Melissa Warman, of Shickshinny.

Inside the truck are diapers, toys, non-perishable food, and cleaning supplies, items that other organizations aren't accepting.

"This way I know that it`s going directly to Oklahoma. I want to make sure it goes to Oklahoma," said Thomas.

The tractor trailer leaves for Norman, Oklahoma next Wednesday. If you'd like to donate, you can drop off items from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, at Sid Harvey's in the Hanover Industrial Park in Hanover Township.