Montage Mountain Water Park Open For Business

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It`s beginning to look a lot like summer here at Montage Mountain Water Park.

With the park opening early mid-week, many wanted to come out and soak up the fun.

“It`s beautiful, a beautiful day out today, I can`t think of a better thing to do on such a nice day,” said Larry Spencer of Nanticoke.

The park is open for business with a few finishing touches on new features still underway.

The former Sno Cove is now under new management after the former owners filed bankruptcy.

The new owners say they hope the new amenities will lure people in while tailgating at concerts at neighboring Toyota Pavilion.

“We have a new regulation size volley ball court here, it`s right next to the bar so during concerts we`re going to be open, the zip riders going to be open, the water park will be open,” said Jessica Kalinoski with Montage Mountain.

The park opened early specifically for the Dave Matthews Band concert.

It was the zip rider that snagged these concert goers in from Buffalo.

“We literally were parked right by it, we saw them sitting there, we`re like why not, it looks super long, it`s ten dollars, so we`re like oh, okay, “said Melissa Gillen.

There used to be a fence along a pathway, blocking off the water park to the entrance to the pavilion. Now the fence is gone so when concert goers come out they`ll get a full view of what the park has to offer.

“I thought it was just the zip line and then we saw batting cages and putt-putt,  then you come down the hill and you see all this, nice restaurant, outdoor volley ball court, I wish we had something like this,” said Gillen.

And the park wants to offer camping during concerts like it did last year during the three day Peach Festival.

“The camping was incredible last year. three slopes were engulfed in tents, we had RV`s up top, it was great,” said Kalinoski.