Taste Test: Pop Crunch

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The subject of this week's Taste Test claims to be sweet, cheesy, and full of crunch. It's a new kind of popcorn called Pop Crunch, and it comes in brown sugar cinnamon and white and sharp cheddar mix flavors.

This new popcorn claims to be gluten-free with half the fat of regular potato chips but still packed with all the flavor.

To put the new popcorn snack to the test, we went to Gerrity's in Moosic. We lined up the popcorn bags and handed samples to customers coming through the doors.

Our first taste tester headed straight for the brown sugar cinnamon pop crunch.

"It's really good, I like it," said Maria Garibaldi from Pittston. "(It tastes like) cinnamon."

"It's crunchy like regular popcorn, but yeah, it's definitely harder than, it's like in the middle," Garibaldi added.

Our next taste tester Frances Loss seemed determined to get her hands on the brown sugar cinnamon as well.

"Yeah, pretty good, I wouldn't mind buying that," she said. "It's good and crunchy."

Loss said she would buy it.

After standing there for some time it seemed everyone was going for the brown sugar cinnamon.

"Does it taste like normal popcorn or completely different?"

"Completely different."

"What makes it so different?"

"It has a different flavor."

Finally we found someone to try the white and sharp cheddar mix flavor.

"So you were my brave soul and you tried the new pop crunch white and sharp cheddar mix. Tell me your thoughts. What did you think about it?"

"Loved it. It was the best of the two."

Jane Ellard says she's not the biggest cheddar fan so she, of course, wanted to try the brown sugar cinnamon.

"It's sweet and honey and I love stuff that's sweet!"

"So you could taste the brown sugar and cinnamon?"

"Oh yes, very good."

Orville Redenbacher's new Pop Crunch Popcorn got two thumbs up from our taste testers.

We found them at Gerritys for $3.69 a bag.