Woman Found Dead In Pool

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP — A family in Luzerne County is mourning the loss of an elderly woman found dead in her pool Wednesday afternoon Authorities don’t know how she died.

Police cars lined East Hillside Street in Kingston Township, an otherwise quiet neighborhood, now struck with tragedy after an 85-year-old woman was found dead in her pool, according to police.

Joseph Wolensky lives across the street.

“We know her for maybe 50 years, and we always enjoy her company.”

Wolensky says the woman lived alone. He says she loved her pool and invited him and his wife over a few times. Kingston Township police say her daughter who lives nearby was the one who found her.

Neighbors did not want to speak on camera, but say they heard screaming coming from just a few doors down and when they went to check, they found the woman lying in her pool with a bump on her head.

Police don’t know if she drowned, hit her head and fell in the pool, or even had medical emergency like a heart attack. But they have ruled out any kind of criminal activity.

No matter how it happened, Wolensky says she’ll be missed.

“A loving person, she just wants everybody to be happy, and she was always happy, a wonderful person.”

Because the coroner didn’t find the death suspicious, there will not be an autopsy.